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New Shadow Minister for NDIS!

This is directly from Bill Shorten’s Facebook page

I’m very pleased to have been appointed Shadow Minister for the National Disability Insurance Scheme and Shadow Minister for Government Services in Labor’s Shadow Cabinet. I thank Albo for giving me these responsibilities.

Working with people with disability, their carers and their families to create the National Disability Insurance Scheme was my first job in politics and remains one of the great privileges of my life.

The NDIS ought to be an expression of our national character. It should stand for the principle that every Australian has an equal right to be respected in our society and empowered in our economy.

Underspends, staffing caps, a morass of paperwork and a plague of contractors have undermined the credibility, universality and effectiveness of the NDIS and its original design.

This great national enterprise cannot be cut, capped or delayed, or put at the mercy of consultants who know the cost of everything and the value of nothing.

The best way to get the NDIS back on track is to put people with disability back at the centre of decision-making.

I’m honoured by the opportunity I’ve been given, I’m determined to see the promise of the NDIS fulfilled and I’m going to give everything I have to making this great Labor initiative a reality for those who rely on it.

Millions of Australians rely on services delivered by agencies such as Centrelink and Medicare every day. It’s the frontline for government and the best example of why politics matters to people. Cuts and outsourcing result in these Australians as being treated as second class citizens.

Every Australian is entitled to be treated with dignity by their government, and ensuring this is the case will be my priority in this portfolio.

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